Friday, October 23, 2009

My lovely husband gave me a new Mac computer about two years ago.  I was super excited that I set it up instantly.  Now I think of myself as a little techno-savy, so I usually skip the directions, fire up the computer, change around some settings to my liking and I'm done.  You know when you install something or attempt to upgrade and the box comes up and asks you some question like "Are you sure you want to delete this?" or "Installing this can cause your hard drive to fail" well honestly I don't know what they usually say because I am the type of person who just clicks "OK" Just like that, I don't really even skim the words.  This drives my husband crazy, but it drives me crazy to read through it just to know that I am going to click OK anyways.  Well all that being said, I should change my style and slow down and read.  This story takes me to the other night when I was trying to download a program onto my computer and it kept telling me that I didn't have the latest upgrade for the Mac system.  I was running Tiger while thinking that I was running Leopard.  Sort of like Windows 2000 compared to XP or Vista.  Well the reason I thought I was running Leopard is because I opened my box to see the Leopard DVD right there.  So anyone would assume that right?  Well, I did.  I was getting so mad, I was surfing the apple website, downloading random stuff, reupdating and restarting the computer and couldn't figure out what was going on.  Until...
I looked at the DVD cover and it read...

"Apple has just introduced Mac OS  v10.5 Leopard.  Although this new operating system was not installed on your computer before it left the factory, with the copy of Leopard on the enclosed DVD, you too can enjoy the many new features found in this updated version of Mac OS X."

Why?!?  Why have I been blind enough that I have been running the old system while the new DVD with its shiny features just sat in the box in my cabinet for the last two years?  Why didn't the Apple people tell me to remember to install this lovely new update right when I turned on my computer?  Or, did they tell Ryan when he bought it and he forgot to tell me?  Either way, I now learned my lesson to relax, slow down and read the fine print.
It took its precious time, telling me "59 minutes till completion." All the while I was still waiting to download the program which started all of this mess.  I had a little time on my hands and the sewing machine was just starring at me to make a bib for Ethan.   So I did.

Now everyone go and update your computers!

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