Saturday, December 12, 2009

He starts out so innocent...
"Hi mom, I'm just playing with my teething ring.  You go ahead and cook, I'll be right here."

"Ok, let me get your dinners ready.  I am preparing you a nice mix of broccoli and spinach and another mix of carrots and zucchini that you are going to just die for."

"What was that Mom?  I wasn't paying attention."

"Oh, that's ok, I am preparing your veggies for dinner time. They're loaded with lots of good vitamins and...."

"Did I hear you say something about veggies, again, I am super busy."

"Yes honey, I'm about to mix up your spinach right now.  What could you possibly be doing?"

"Oh nothing. Carry on."

Still looking oh-so innocent!

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