Friday, October 9, 2009

1/2 way there!

So the knitting project is one down, one to go!  It is a cute little legwarmer for my little guy!  I love these things!  No pants to take off for diaper changes, they cover his little feet and they are just too cute!! My collection has been growing and now I get to add these.  Sadly, when you make two of something, your first one is a "test."  Now I have to copy the second to the first one, stripes and all.  If I can only remember how many stitches I put on??  I'm glad he isn't too worried about his wardrobe yet, if he was we probably wouldn't be knitting leg warmers none-the-less worrying about matching stripes!

Here's the little stinker sleeping, check out his one legwarmer falling off his leg and a sock on the other!


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