Sunday, October 4, 2009


Thursday was a wonderful day!  Ethan got to see both Lawson and Nats girls, Londyn and Livia!!  I haven't seen them in forever!!!  They are all getting so big so quickly!  Love you both!!

Jen and Ethan

It's been forever since I have got to hold little Lawson!!

These little beauties have the prettiest, longest eyelashes!! They make a girl jealous!

All three of them hanging out, the girls were just waiting for the photo-op and Ethan wasn't having it!  Check out their matching toys!!
Here they all are at 5 months...

And here they are at around 2 months!!
Times moving too quickly!!  Crazy huh???
Notice how they are all peacefully sleeping here, that has gone away too quickly also!!

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