Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Going Green Report...

So we have been using the cloth diapers, gdiapers during the day and the cricketts at night, and they are working out great!  Some people ask if it is gross, but it is completely different with your own little one!  Ryan and I aren't really bothered by much in that department, so this makes a perfect fit for us.  They are very different than the image that I had when I thought of "cloth" and when I show people what they are they too are impressed by how far the diapering has come.  Most of the diapers are made out of organic bamboo or hemp which are very absorbent.  I found the material online and ordered some so my mom and I can make some of our own!!  Crazy I know, but that seems like a do-able project!  Just thought I would update you on the earlier post and let you know things in the diaper department are diaperiffic!!

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