Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Having little ones brings out the real fun of Halloween!  My girlfriends and our husbands got together to get pics with all of our munchkins dressed up in their costumes! It was a blast!

The night started with the princess finding a frog Prince Charming...  no kisses yet.

  It seems the rain has washed up a frog on Jens lawn.  I will snatch him up and take him home with me!  Ribbit Ribbit!!

There was no monkey business going on for little Lawson!  He cried for a moment then it was off to dreaming about candy.  Thats the best thing about them being this little, they sleep with so much commotion going on.

and then they get a little older.  Realizing that they are not in dad's safe arms anymore.
Take a small look to the left of the pic and notice little Lawson just happy as a clam.

"What are you all doing to me?"
"What is this green thing that you have put me in?"
"Why are you all telling me to say cheese?"
"What is cheese?"
"What is with all of the flashing?"
Me:  "Honey, sit him up.  He will like that better!"

right, just as I presumed.
Since he didn't find comfort in his parents mom that was snapping pics as fast as her camera would let her, he turned to his friend Wade.

Who in turn didn't know if he should comfort him, or keep smiling.
Wade: "I've got your back, I'll cry with you."
Londyn: "Suck it up boys, just smile for the camera."

Sorry, I had fun imaging in my head their little conversation.  Back to the pics.
If we only had a pic of us crazy parents snapping pics of them.  Making the funniest noises, taking a million pictures, laughing at ourselves, apologizing to Nick and Jen for doing this on their lawn making their neighbors think that they are crazy!  Good thing they are moving... That was the shot we needed to get!

Pics with the moms.
Ahh memories... this time last year we were getting ready for our own Halloween party...

Who is this stud???
 and why don't my legs look that good?

Whoops, didn't upload the right pic.  This was just last weekend.  A normal day at the Cox household.
he he!
Back to '09

Jen and little Lawson

The Cox's

The Spider-Webb's

Here is Nick, Nick and Jen
sorry Jen, now you have two of them.

and us.

I just want to eat little Wade up along with the cupcake he was enjoying!


I love this one of Rylee!!!  I want to be that age again!

and just to keep the spirit alive this Halloween...

the shirt is back.

Happy Halloween to everyone!

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  1. So adorable! I love it! We have are going to do the same thing on Saturday with all the kids! I can't wait!