Thursday, November 26, 2009

This is the best time of year for many reasons! The feeling of the weather getting cooler, making you want to start a fire and cozy up. Thanksgiving is coming up, meaning the nursery will be closed through the weekend so it feels like a fall break when school is out. We stay up late, wake up late when Ethan wants to, which should make us go to bed earlier. We put the Christmas tree up which always puts me in the Christmas/winter spirit!

Ethan has a new toy that we have been trying out, his walker. That sounds like he is really old and using the walkers with the tennis balls on the bottom.

(did I really post a pic of that? sorry, it's late!)

 No, this walker is cute with little bears on it. He can moonwalk better than he can go forward now, but we're working on it.
Setting it up... we have to get the seat in working order so he doesn't fall through to the floor.

Dad setting up

"Hmm, I see Dad needs my help."

"Let me check under the hood."

"Oh, what's over here? I must go check it out!"

Uh-Oh! He has found the Christmas tree. I don't think they make any Christmas baby proofing stuff. The only thing I did was hang the ornaments a few limbs higher.

Sitting behind the drivers seat with no where to roll on this shaggy rug.

Lets take him to the wood flooring.
Standing and sitting.

Having a laugh.

Making sure dad tightened the gears just right.

The cat wondering what else we could to do bother him.

"Hmm, how can I get to that?"
"I must get my hands on that!"
"Wait, DAD! Where are you going??"

Like I said earlier, this is such a great season and I am loving this time of year even more with our little turkey!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving season!!!

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