Saturday, November 21, 2009


As I have been reaching into my domestic side lately, the sewing machine has been in full use around here.  Sometimes when I sew, things happen.  Things happen like my material won't budge through the feeder, but the needle is still sewing.  I stop, look underneath the fabric and it is like a little rat has made a home in the bobbin area and decided to put a nest, that is made out of thread, on the backside of my fabric.  It's bad.  So, I take off the fabric and start cutting loose the "thread nest."

Now time to investigate.  I remove the cover over the rats home and find that the damage looks the same in there.  Thread everywhere!  So I remove some parts, clean it up and feel back up to the challenge of sewing again.  That is after I put those said parts back in. Right.  That is also after I search the internet for pictures, diagrams, clues to help me achieve this.  After 20 minutes of trying to perfectly position the bobbin case just so, Ethan has had enough of his johnny jumper.  I get him out and set him on my lap.  Not a good idea.  He sees shiny things.  Shiny things like needles and pins and bobbin cases that aren't properly installed.  Ethan then finds the floor, where his mom gives him makeshift toys that she finds around her desk.  So back to the bobbin case, which I must tell you is right by the needle, the needle that can go up-and-down very fast, remember that OK?  I am back to not knowing how to re-install this little pain and talking to Ryan on speaker phone.  He got an earful of frustration and before he got off the line his wife was screaming bloody murder.  Screaming because her son was tired of all the makeshift toys and moved, both figuratively and literally,  to better things like the foot pedal to the sewing machine. Of course the machine was on, I needed the light.  He pressed down on his new toy sending the signal to the machine to start sewing full speed ahead!  This resulted in that horror film scream I let out and my husband wondering what the heck was going on!!  Thankfully my fingers were back far enough to not be turned into our Thanksgiving minced meat pie!  I don't even know what is in minced meat pie, but thats what I would think my finger would look like after a needle had punctured it say twenty or more times.  Ethan let go of the presser foot and that will be the last time he enjoys it!  I need to get used to the fact that he is after everything and that could mean the gas pedal to the machine that controls the needle next to my favorite index finger!  Well the machine is still not working and I am a little scared to go near it again, even if my son is nowhere around!

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