Saturday, December 26, 2009

Let it Snow!

Here are a few simple things to do to enjoy staying in while it is snowing outside.

When life hands you snow, make snow cones!
We have stayed in and enjoyed some snow-filled Dr. Peppers/Coke.
 They are soooo good!!

Here is the recipe:

1 full cup of fresh, non-yellow snow
Drink of your choice

Just kidding, but really we have finished off many liters of DP enjoying these rare treats!

Going green around here, we decided to recycle the plastic bottles:

who needs toys?
He loves these, especially the noise that they make!

When the baby falls asleep, start a friendly game of Monopoly.

Collect all of the properties within each color.
Build multiple houses on each color.
Barter with your opponents to gain more property.
Build more houses.
Make your opponents mortgage their properties to pay you rent.
Take all of their money.
Win and don't feel sorry for your opponent.
Win and laugh, because this is the first time you won against your opponent.
Win and laugh because your opponent who used to beat you taught you his winning strategy.
Win and laugh because the student has become the master at Monopoly.
I didn't do this, I kept it friendly...

while winning!

Next, enjoy watching the dogs play in the snow outside.

Now this next part, I definitely recommend for a good laugh.
Catch your hubby trying to slide on your boots before he runs outside to fill his cup with snow.
Grab the camera and laugh!

I guess you could blame it on the cabin fever!

With this weather:
Stay safe, stay warm and enjoy your surroundings!

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