Sunday, January 31, 2010

Growing by the Minute

Have you ever had a day that you splurged on your caloric intake resulting in guilt?
Well, have you ever had a four-day weekend where every day is like this?
With the ice/snow storm on its way, we prepped ourselves to be homebound.
Prepped ourselves to be lazy and add a couple sizes to our waistline that is.

We started out by getting ready for the storm by going to the grocery store and loading up on some groceries for soups, lunches and some good snacks. We met everyone there, in the middle of the day.  Lines were full, aisles were packed and produce was at its budding state.

After the store, my husband had a great idea to rent some movies since we would be stuck indoors.  "Great idea honey, go in and get some good ones!"
Ethan and I were keeping the car warm while Ryan just "ran" in. 
Eight movies, four boxes of candy, four sodas and two bags of popcorn later he exited Blockbuster.
I do not include Saw 6 or Final Destination 28 good ones.  (I don't really know what Final Destination this one make, but I do know there have been way too many!)
No movie should have that many sequels or versions except for maybe the National Lampoons' movies.
When he got back in the car he was carrying two sacks full of stuff.  Now if you have ever been to blockbuster you know that you usually never leave with any sack, and you are only carrying the movies you rented, by hand.
But he explained to me:
"Honey, they were having a great special.  I saved us some money."
"No, me going in and renting the movies would have saved us money, and get some of my valuable time back for the sub-par movies that you rented." I muttered in my head. 

So, now where were we? Oh yeah. Back to the ice storm preparations.
If that wasn't enough sugar to keep us shaking until Sunday, we found a place selling Girl Scout cookies and thought "Well those sound good, why don't we get some?"
Why not add another size to my jeans?  I figured I could use it as an excuse to buy new clothes. 
They only sell these cookies one time a year and the money supports a good cause, right?  We won't have any money left to fill our cavities, but at least the girls are happy. 

In addition to our high-fructose syrup filled candies and peanut butter filled cookies, we have enjoyed many other delicacies around here.
Nachos, creamy pasta, pancakes, bacon, key lime pie and just to put the icing on the cake cinnamon rolls, I thought I would try a new recipe for that also.  Everything on this weekends menu has been an indulgent, guilty pleasure. 
They looked so good, and even better when they were iced!!
Can't you feel the love handles growing just by looking at these?
I can, literally!

The only thing around here worth any nutritional value are these green bananas.  Everyone flooded the grocery stores before the storm resulting in the produce stockers to empty out their reserves.  I had no other choice, and this picture actually does these 'naners justice.  They were pea green on the shelf.  
Not the way I like them.

Needless to say, if we survive this snow storm and wait out the ice melting on the roads, it could be a while until you see us. We might have to butter the door ways to get through.  Thankfully I have plenty of that on hand!
And when you do see us, don't laugh at our new, round, fluffy, dimpled-behind bodies.
It was so worth it.

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