Monday, February 22, 2010

New Food

We recently visited the Doctor for Ethan's 9-month wellness check, even though it was a week before his 10 month birthday, and much to his liking, there were no shots this time.  We did find out that he is weighing in at 22 lbs (64%) and is 31 1/4" long (99%). 

The Doctor gave us the go-ahead on starting table foods.  Before this he was on a diet that consisted of nursing throughout the day and two meals of cereal mixed with either veggies or fruits.  He seems to like pretty much anything you give him and hopefully this won't change.  It would be so nice to give him some spinach and him not hide it in his napkin, try to feed it to the cat, or worse, backtalk about how he doesn't like spinach and that it's grotty, and all the rest.  Yes, I will enjoy this as he sits in silence and eats his veggies.

Following his appointment, we were all pretty hungry.  Ethan was chomping at the bit to get some real life people food in his tummy. You know, the treasured stuff that his mother has so reluctantly wanted to give into.  
Deciding where to eat was fairly easy, I had a coupon and a gift card, so on to lunch we went.

Ryan was so fervent to pass off the loaf of bread in little chunks to Ethan.
"Here Son, feast upon the likes of Man."
Against our better judgement of a good TV series, we have been watching Spartacus and Ryan was trying his hand at the Roman dialect.
The bread seemed to be going good. 
 Not in Ethans best interest, spotted a lemon wedge and let him have a little lick.
Ethan, you should have stuck with Mom.  I was only trying to protect you from this real-world food.  
Ewwwwww, sppppp, ohhhhhhhhhh, yuckkkkkkkkk!!!
Ok, it was worth that little face.  

Next thing we knew he was addressing the wait staff.

"Pardon me sir.  Do you have any Grey Poupon?"
Where does he get this?
Then if the bread scraps weren't enough, he decided to eat the plate.  

This was right before he picked it up and CRASH!!! dropped it on the floor. 
I know what you are thinking but we are new parents here.  We don't think ahead.
We also were under the impression that we was doing great at eating everything he was given.  
Man, he must have been hungry, I thought to myself.
And then I picked him up.
I found almost every wet, gummy piece of bread stuck to him or scattered around the base of the highchair.
That's when I turned to Ryan
"Hurry! Grab the diaper bag. We're about to get stuck washing dishes!"

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  1. So all that time and all you gave the little cutie was bread....I'd be pissed, bring on the mashed potatoes and gravy mom! Just kidding, that face with the lemon was classic!