Friday, February 12, 2010

Onions and Taters

It is becoming that time of year to start planting your vegetable garden.  Now the snowy weather might not make you want to run outside and start digging and planting, but the thought of home grown veggies will!  I want to start a garden sooooo bad!  But I know myself and I will start it out with good intentions.  I will produce some sort of crop, get excited and want to continue on.  Then the Oklahoma heat will set in and I won't want to leave my air-conditioned house or my DVR until September.  But I think to myself: I will only plant tomatoes and onions.  Which are the two things, veggie wise, I buy the most of.  That won't be too overwhelming.  But then I will want to add garlic to the garden.  And then strawberries.  And then cucumbers.  Then a banana tree.  Then I remember that those don't grow here, and neither do oranges or limes or lemons.  I wish they did.  I wish a lot of things grew really well here.  But they don't and thats why Homeland is here for me.  

So back to the time is coming to start your garden.  The thing I love about the nursery is that things come back in season.  It's not like fashion retail where you are constantly changing out the racks with this seasons latest trend, or like a grocery store where you are re-stocking the shelves with the same cereal weekly.  No, it is more fun in the nursery business because you look forward to the seasonal stuff.  There is no time like Spring.  Stocking the greenhouses with vibrant, beautiful color from all of the annuals in bloom.  Or trees in the winter, being dug and about to be moved to a new home.  Or Fall, when all the leaves are changing on the thousands of trees.  It is beautiful!  Or a time like now, when veggies start to stock the nursery.  Onions and potatoes are here.  Soon will be asparagus and strawberries.  Then tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, herbs and many other healthy, wonderful things that I love.

Don't these look like so much fun to plant??
The onions give the nursery a pleasant smell.  Man are they potent.  
These new potatoes would be fun to plant.  Though I love taters, I don't cook with them as often as I would like too.  That might leave a lot of unused food in the ground and you all know that I don't like wasting anything.

These are other onion plants we have.  The first picture (up top) of the baby onions will grow your green chives and also regular onions.  And these, well they will give you sweet tasting, large slicing onions.  It looks backwards I know.  You are probably wondering "Christen, do you know what you are talking about?  These already have the green onions.  Why wouldn't these be used for chives?"  and I would answer "Don't ask me, this is what I am told."
I am no master gardner and I will never claim to be. I left all of the planting up to my mom while growing up.  I never really took an interest in it until we had our own home and now we are in the business of it.  But since the tree man walked into my life, I have been asking him loads of questions.  Some like...
How do cantaloupes grow?
What leaf is this tree from?  Can we plant ten of them in our yard?
What is peat moss?
Can I plant a garden and you take care of it?
Just some random things that he so happily gets to deal with.
But I know that he is glad that I am in his life, questioning everything about anything.
and I am glad he walked into my life, I really enjoy the view.

sorry, back to the onions...
You can get chives and onions from either one, but the different ones are better for the other.  What??
Just think 
green = onions
onions = chives
I think.
Heck, I am so lost in this post these could be green beans for all I know.

So the point of all of this is that if you are looking to start a garden or add to your previous one, the time is now.  I am really trying to persuade myself and my hubby to start a garden here at the house.

I know what I will do, I will turn the little one into my personal gardner.  I might be making a meal out of weeds from the crop that he picks, but he will learn.
Now it is time for me to go enjoy lunch.  All of this food talk makes a girl hungry.



  1. Christen you are serioiusly a dork but I love you anyway!

  2. Sorry spelled that wrong. Seriously, now I look like the dork!