Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday was great, besides the fact that my Colts lost!  I just love Peyton Manning!! There is something about his character and humor that gets to me!  Remember those "Pep Talk with Peyton Manning" commercials for Mastercard?
You could customize them...
"So Nick, I heard you got a bad haircut...?"
or "Hey Jim, I hear you're going through a bad break-up?"
I don't really do them justice, but they were really funny to send to people by email!
So sorry Peyton, Who Dat was Drew and his Saints rolling by you to the championship.

Well we had our own little Mardi Gras here, food, friends and fun!  
No beads of course!
I know that it isn't technically Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras yet, but I can only imagine Bourbon Street at the end of Sundays game.

Doesn't it look so festive, like we are right in the heart of New Orleans, so many colors and toys going on!
Londyn was a little cheese ball!  She knows what the camera is and why you have it!
I'm serious, every time the pre-flash light came on, this is the smile you got!  I have about twenty solo pics of her on the camera because Nat and I were cracking up!
Speaking of Nat, she was rooting for the Saints in my "Peyton loving" home so I decided to delete her blog!  
It was the worst feeling ever! Here's why...
Now, I don't scrapbook (neither does she), so in its place we started blogs.
They are great because you get to keep up with out-of-town family, in-town family, friends you don't see often and possibly strangers stopping in to take a look.  All for whom I am glad are here!
But in addition to keeping up with people, you do it for yourself and your kid/kids.  It doesn't take up too much time, but if you look back on all of the time you spent, at least you have something to show for it and it was well worth it.
Now since scrapbooking looks like fun, I would probably get too stressed out.
There are so many crafty and fun options that there are too many to choose from.
The pretty paper, the cute cut outs, the nice fonts, etc.
Plus the mess of getting it all out, Ethan would have a hey-day!  
So I lend myself to a blog site, where options are few and people can look and go as they please.
And the best part about a blog, is you can turn it into a scrapbook!
In this day, anything is possible!!
There are sites that will transform your internet babble into a true sit down and read book!
So that is a huge reason why I/we blog.  To chronicle everything with in their first year and turn it into something they/we will have for the rest of our lives.

So with all of this being said, I deleted her blog, accidentally of course.  We were trying to change something and we were looking through the technical stuff on her page and I found something that screamed to me
 "This is it, right here, delete me!"
So I did.  And it even popped up asking "Are you sure you want to delete this?"
Who looks at that stuff anyways, so "OK" was clicked without any hesitation.
Her eyes filled up, my heart dropped into my shoes, kids were screaming, not due to the blog deletion, they could care less at this point.  They needed to eat. But that would have to wait.
She was sent to the other room while I 'promised' everything was going to be ok.  
In the end, after about a good 15 minutes of sweating and trying breath, I re-templated her blog and re-published her thankfully saved blog posts.  Her blog was back.
All was well at the Foster household.

So I have learned my lesson...
a: don't tinker with other peoples stuff, especially when you don't know what you are doing
b: ALWAYS save what you already have, you can reference it later
c: never just assume that clicking "OK" will be "OK."
Assumptions, you know where they get you!
and d: keep the company of good friends so they don't delete you when you almost unravel the web in which they have so carefully created!

My apologies were to Nat, but I told her never to root against Peyton or the Colts again!
I can play dirty if I need to!
She obliged.
and the cast of characters:
(from left to right)
Lawson, Londyn, Livi Grace, Wade and yours truly, Ethan
Same place different year, 
'09 = Three pregnant girls carrying four babies and only one child in the home.
'10 = mass chaos, pandemonium, mayhem...  but most of it was in the computer room.     

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Yes, tears did come to my eyes... but I would still love you. I can always count on you to figure out how to fix my technical problems - I never doubted you! =) Thanks for having us over, we had fun! Love~