Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ok, so most of you know that I am obsessed with The Pioneer Woman.  Well, among other things she does, she holds photography assignments on her website where anyone and everyone can enter.  So she had one where you submitted your favorite cat photos that you have taken.  So I did.
Now, I am no means even close to being a photographer, but I have really been enjoying learning about it and taking many photos.  It is pretty easy to fall in love with it when you have a handsome little subject.
For the contest, she picks 5 different groups of photos and posts them daily.
I entered one each day and she actually picked one of my entries for the semi-finalist groups and posted it on her site!!
I was over the moon!!
I was soooooo excited and couldn't believe it!!

My favorite part of the assignment is getting to look through the other submissions that people post.  There are some great photos and beautiful cats.
To view the post click here and to view all of the entries click here.

Thank you Pioneer Woman!

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