Friday, March 19, 2010

The Zoo

Oh my gosh!

Well we did it, we went to the Zoo on Spring Break along with the rest of Oklahoma City's population.  I would have never, ever, ever thought it would be that busy.
3 girls, 4 babies, 3 strollers, diaper bags, slings, Cheerios and everything else you can imagine were packed up and headed out for the two mile walk just to get to the ticket line.  There were cops directing traffic, it in its self was a zoo.

Oh, and the best part was lunch.  Four babies and no high chairs open.  Until one lovely mom gave hers up.  Crazy.
We had so much fun though.  We saw a lot of the animals, including the new baby Giraffe!  So precious.  The elephants were gone to the Tulsa zoo for two years, trying to have babies.  Could you imagine being pregnant for two years? I probably wouldn't mind though, after the morning sickness of course!
So here we are.  Locked, stocked and ready to go.
To the bathroom that is.

Here are some of the crowds that we fished through.

They should make horns on strollers.
Beep! Beep!
We've got a caravan of kids and moms coming through!  You better move it or lose it! And I'm talking about your toes!  Get 'em back!

And here are some of the animals.
Sorry, this doesn't really scream out the name Zoo Animal, but I thought he was pretty.
Hip. Hip hop. Hip-op-o-non-a-mous.
(name that movie.)
Oh, the rhino.  I have a special place in my heart for anything with that name!
I really wanted to see some of the huge cats, but there were no good places to see them.  They must of been hiding out.
  Here is the sweet little giraffe!  It's only two months old.

and here comes Momma!  She would nudge on him as they were walking and he would run off in front of her.  It was so cute!
The gorillas were amazing to see!  
I could be so wrong, but I believe this was the male...
and this is the female.  They are such neat animals!

and here are our little monkeys ready to head home.  
Ethan's got a little hat head going on.

The kids loved being outside and though they probably would have had just as much fun in the backyard, it was a fun, entertaining experience.  

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