Monday, March 1, 2010

So do you remember me telling you that I really, really wanted to start a garden this year?  Well someone was listening and that person was my farming husband who loves the opportunity to grow anything.   
He is a tree farmer and I always found that very interesting; well, after we started dating.  To be truly honest, when my friend Candace, who I am thankful to for introducing us, was describing him to me she said that he was a "tree farmer." A what?  I had never heard of these so called farmers.  Yeah a wheat or corn or any type of food farmer, sure.  But trees?  News to me, but that goes to show you how much I know.  My landscape enthused mom was sitting with us and loved the idea of a tree farmer.  Where had she heard of such a thing and why didn't she inform me.  
"Now honey, here is a farm where they grow trees." 
Probably because the likes of one are few and far between.
 Much to my surprise he seemed very normal and not at all what I had pictured a "tree farmer" to be.  Come to find out he is far from normal, gripping on the edge of it to be exact.  But that is what keeps him interesting and me entertained.

I did learn however that he was always into gardening and growing things.  He used to grow a large garden with his Grandma, which I find so sweet, and before that he had a smaller one in his backyard.  Funny huh?
Back then I was playing teacher or Vanna White.  I am still waiting for her to retire. 
Well not really, I love the actual Vanna, I just really wanted her job. 

After high-school, he went on to study horticulture.  An area of study that never even crossed my scope while in school, or anyone else I knew for that matter.  I occasionally ask him what it was that interested him or made him want to do this type of stuff, and in a few words and a baffled face he responds
"I just like to grow things, I guess."  
and I say things like 
"No, what really made you like growing things?"
and he answers
"What do you mean?"
and I leave the conversation with as much information I seemed to have when I went in.

So I have been talking to him about wanting to plant onions, garlic, tomatoes and such and he finally took it in and said ok!

Really quick, another thing that you should know about my husband is that he doesn't stop at the tomatoes and onions.  No, if he is going to do a garden, he is going to do a garden.
"Grow big or grow home!"
He wouldn't ever say that.
But I would.
He is going to be planting potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, strawberries, asparagus, peppers, spinach, radishes, cabbage and melons just to name a few.
Me likey!
I can't wait until all of these fresh goodies are ready to eat.
Fresh salsa, yummy stew, red ripe strawberries!!!

To start off, he is going to 'till up the land, getting the ground ready to become the prolific, bountiful garden I am so excited about.  This seems easy, and is for the most part.
Here is the rototiller "Rhino" which is too ironic for words.
It is attached to the tractor and ready to grind through the ground and make us a garden.
Starting a new row, he drives and lowers "Rhino"

tilling and kicking up some dirt...


checking on his work...
and Ta-Da!  
There you have it folks.  A tilled up piece of land ready for plants and seeds.

Well almost ready.  We will till this land again before planting allowing it to loosen up the soil even more.  
Now this could, and probably should have been done last fall.   That allows the break down of the grass and weeds making it easier on you after you have your garden growing.  
No one likes weeds in the garden, especially a food bearing one.
 They are hard to get rid of unless you pick them by hand or go around and spot spray.  Either of which is not my idea of easy. 
  But this Ryan tells me will be my job.
Thank you honey, you are so kind.

I will keep you posted on the garden.  We are only getting started!! 


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