Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crime Scene: 
Tuesday, February 23, 2010
 The Scene: a dark, scary, Clorox-free, Lysol-missing unsanitary bathroom, due to the owner who has neglected all household duties in the past week.  
Sorry for the obscene images, but the pictures here are all the proof and evidence we have...

The abused:
a poor, lonely toilet paper roll.
The damages:
are done.
We are still waiting on CSI to come and fingerprint the area.  I am also trying to talk their crews into coming out and helping clean up this mess.  
I was having a hard enough time myself, minus this mishap. 

We have no witnesses, but we do have a few suspects:
Louie, aka Big Lou
who sees any mug-shot as an opportunity for a photo shoot.
This lovable feline wasn't seen anywhere near the crime, further strengthening his case.  He claims to be innocent and pleaded not-guilty to this crime.  He hasn't taken too kindly to us bringing the baby home, making it plausible that he could frame his adversary.  During questioning he turned himself in for other offenses he had committed to prove his innocence.
 You may remember
The Unrolling of the String in '09
After an hour of confessions the cat was let go on bond; two bags of cat-nip.

That leaves one other suspect. 
This one is sneaky, using his charm and adorable ways to beg your forgiveness. He bats those baby blues and cries out "Ma-Ma."  He is quick on his feet hands and knees and can escape a situation if need be.  Though he doesn't do much in the way of talking, he seemed to be denying the entire thing. 
We will have to run his prints with those found in another act of negligence:
When this case comes to trial, I will be sure to pressure those on the stand.  I will do my best to get back to a place of justice and cleanliness, though I won't make any promises.
Stay tuned.

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