Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Ethan's birthday last Sunday and everything went great!  He had a wonderful time and so did we!
Here are a few pics throughout the day.

Oreo and Nutter-Butter Cake balls.
Chocolate and White cupcakes for the guests along with Oreo ice-cream sandwiches that I didn't happen to get a picture of.  See side note below.

A huge Funfetti cupcake, ready to be iced then demolished.

Everything seemed to be looking good...
and then this happened.

Wouldn't you know that he has never done this before, though I know this is the beginning of a long nose picking streak, but he somehow tried it out for the first time for everyone to see. 
Too funny!

Just in time to sing and dive into the cake.

      Forgive me, I promise he didn't have this fork for long.
then it was off to the bath tub.
It wasn't until that day that he really liked his sippy cup.
 Before he could take it or leave it.
Time to open gifts.
or as he saw it, eat some paper.
he was loving this plate.
*Now here lately it is very unusual for me to not be taking millions of pictures and on this day I guess I was pre-occupied with other things.  The only reason I have pictures of Ethan opening gifts was because my friend Mel used my camera for me and she snapped some for me and of the next pics also.  With that being said, I don't have any pics of the Ethan's little friends.  None with his cousins, Sawyer, who is so stinkin' cute, or sweet little Aynslee or Maggie.  Nor do I have any with Lawson, Rylee or the rest.  I am kicking myself because I wish I did!  

Here is little Londyn, posing for the camera like usual!
and little Livi talking to Ryan.
The Birthday Boy had a great time!!
Thank you so much everyone for making his first birthday so special!!
You all mean so much to us and we are thankful that you shared this day with us!!

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