Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Little Love!!

A year ago today we welcomed our little blessing to the world!
I can not believe how fast time flies!!

You now weigh 23 pounds.

You are taking many steps, that is until you notice you are on your own. But you are getting braver.

You repeat things like: cat, dog, duck, ball, da-da, ma-ma, Louie.

You make some of the funniest faces. The best is when you breath in through your puckered lips quickly.  I have yet to get a picture.

You also curl up your tongue hen you are concentrating.
You now play patty-cake.  I sing and you start to clap and smile.

You like to sit in the shopping cart. You face forward and dangle your arm over the front bar and you just look like you are leisurely lounging.

You love your push toys/walker.  You move through the house so quickly.  Usually chasing the cat which makes you laugh.

The dogs love you.

You are still nursing, but I am weaning you.  It is hard.  On me.

You smile when people say "hi" to you but you shyly lay your head on my shoulder.

You hate getting in the car seat, but once you are there you usually fall asleep.
You only take one nap a day, usually a short one and then you are right back at it.

You love being outside.  There is nothing about you that isn't all boy.

You love going to the park and swinging.

You don't mind going to the track with me, it is a great time for a nap.

You cry when your dad gives you back to me or he has to go to work.

You have toys in every room, but usually end up playing with things like rolls of ribbon, lotion, plastic water bottles, you know, things of non-baby nature.

But best of all you are an absolute joy to be around and you make our life so much better.  I can not believe that you are one today, but I guess that means we were having fun because time flew by!
I love you more than you will ever know and can't wait for the next year!!
I am now crying.
We love you sweet baby boy!

Birthday plans are in the works and I am so excited about his little party!
Pictures will be on the way!


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Boy!!! We love you and are so glad that we get to share this birthday with you. You are very special to us, Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe you are 1!!! Ahhhhh!!!

  2. That was very sweet! I hate to tell you that the second year passes by even faster. :(

  3. What a sweet post! Happy belated Birthday to him!!