Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Planting

Spring is springing and it is time for annuals and perennials!! I love to fill up my pots with good intentions of keeping them watered and looking healthy, that is until the dead heat of July sets in.  And then they become wrinkled over, sad looking plants come August.  But you can't blame me, it is sweltering hot outside and a girl can't perspire.  Joking, of course.  But it is hot!
Lets start with the front porch pots.
Here is my sad soil.  
I didn't grab any potting soil from the nursery before I left and found a bag of compost in the garage.  It should do, but it isn't what I was planning on.
Next, I arrange my flowers in the pot to see if I like how they fit.

I am again no master gardener, but I have listened to Martha Stewart a few times.
Girlfriends got her gardening down, so I pay attention.  
She says when planting, use plants of three different heights.
One tall, which could be a grass, spike, or any tall, flowering perennial.
One medium, this could be anything.  Geraniums, coleus, impatiens, dahlias (not the super big ones) or anything that makes your heart smile.
and One low that drapes or falls over the side of the pot.  Petunias, any type of ivy, sweet potato vine, moneywart,etc.  Again, anything of your liking.
I also am a fan of a pot planted with a beautiful geranium, or fan flower.  Anything that can stand on its own.
*side note*
I don't know if the purple creeping phlox was the right decision for my pot, but it looked pretty and she told me she wanted to be kept with her friends.

Now when planting, I do this next step.
That is if I remember. 
And this time I did, so I took a picture.
I break up the roots, just a little bit.
I hear that it helps the plant get rooted into the soil mixture.
Again, no master gardener here, but it works and in the end that is all that matters.
After breaking up the roots, and whoops I meant to tell you first I dig a small hole, I then plant my plants.
Until they all look like this.

Now remember, this is the beginning.  The sweet potato hasn't taken off yet, the geraniums still have more blooms.
The best is yet to come. 
I fertilize it with some Blooming and Rooting, and wait for the magic to happen.
Have fun with your pots!

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