Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last Saturday, we went to our friend Wades (sitting on the right in the navy shirt) second birthday party! The kids had a blast and the toys and games were right up their alley!  We had so much fun!!

Bubble time, they all were loving them!
sitting with Ethan are Nat's girls and Lawson, Jens son.

Now this is precious!  Livi is looking at the bubbles left in his hair and he is looking at her!  I love it!!

Lawson was having so much fun!  He was laughing at the song we were singing while bouncing them on our legs.  Little cutie!

My little boy who is almost one, in two weeks!  Where is the time going?  
I wish I could freeze it, or at least have an option to come back to it.  He makes me laugh with his funny faces!

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