Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cleaning Up

Before we really could get a start on painting, we needed to clean up some things around the house.  
Like removing these unsightly, half broken, starting to rot pieces of banner wood that lined the front porch.
It's little things like this that make me wonder why did I wait so long to tackle this project??
I can't tell you how much it has already helped by removing these.

Next, we came across this huge pile of rocks which were in the way of the siding that needed painting.
We have rocks like this all over the property.
Just when I thought I had picked up the last one, I find more.
 I think they are breeding.
Their Alive!!!!!
The people who lived here before us acquired quite a collection of rocks from the places they traveled.  
Lucky us.

I told Ryan of my plan to remove the rocks. 
We could use the front loader on the tractor to just scoop them up and then dump them in the back of the property among all of the poison ivy, guaranteeing me to never have to see them again.
I had such an upbeat tone in my voice that he undoubtedly went along with it.

First things first, we needed to put air in the tires.
Here we are approaching the stack of rocks.
Now that we are here, I notice that overgrown, thorny bush needs to go. 
This is the part where my genius plan started cracking.  
The lift on the tractor was out of hydraulic fluid or something like that, so in order for the rocks to be moved by the tractor, they would need to be picked up singly and put into the front scoop.
Oh, whats that honey??
You need my help??
I think I hear the oven timer!!
Go ahead and start without me, you won't even notice I am gone!!
Sorry dear, I'm back.
Now what were you saying??
Something about me helping you pick up rocks??
I like that we can do things seperately.

On to the next obstacle.
The lawn mower was stuck in the mud, so we rescued it while the tractor was out.
Ethan got to help on this one.
Now excuse me while I do some work around here. 
It's hard work but someone has to steer the riding mower.
Ok, I am back and my son doesn't want off of this fun thrill ride.  
He was having too much fun and started to cry when he thought he had to leave his dad.
Sorry honey, he's all yours now.
and they were happy riding off into the sunset together, while I went and got a manicure (I wish!).  

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