Friday, June 25, 2010

Packing Up

Ethan loves his fire truck.  
He loves to push it around.
Sit on it and try to scoot around.
Push all of the buttons and just laugh.

But he really loves to put things in or on it.
Like his lotion bottle.
He will stack it on the wheel and leave it there while he goes to push it and when it falls over, he walks back over to put it back on.
I recently got him this pull-along toy and I find myself contemplating how I can accidentally leave it at a friends house so they can enjoy all of the noise this thing puts off.  It is all wood and has four wooden balls that roll around on the inside.  All of that plus hardwood and a walking toddler gives you an instant racket echoing throughout.  Plus a pulsing headache.
Bad thing is, he loves this toy.
If the wood floors weren't enough, he rolls it across the wood table so it can really amplify through the hollow base.
Our cat is sneaky.  He thinks that he is hidden from the danger of a one year old, but Louie is still young at heart and watches the fun from a safe, covered distance. 
He really thinks that he is sneaky when Ethan is chasing him and he darts behind the curtains not realizing that his tail is still whipping around on our side.  Ethan has this cat figured out and walks over and pulls on his tail just to let him know that 
Kitty, you can run but you can't hide.

Louie flees the scene and Ethan continues to open the seat of his fire truck, wooden toy still in hand.
Instead of placing the toy on the steering wheel, he is going to pack it in his cargo space.
I like to think that he is picking up after himself.

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