Thursday, June 3, 2010


I recently bought us some paints to use on a large roll of butcher paper that Jen, my friend, so eagerly let me have.  I thought this would be a great summer project for us.
I made him a little painters plate, which by the way, an err on my part, I bought recycled paper plates.
I was on the "green" kick, and still am, but figured I took it one step to far when I offered my guests someone else's recycled stuff to eat upon.  
Note to self, think again.
Note to others, ask for a real piece of dinnerware when eating at our house.

He started off dipping his fingers in the paint, not taking to the foam paint brush.

And then he took off. 
No more painting for this Picasso.

Back and forth to the painting supplies, but no paper was needed.  
He used himself as the canvas. 
He quickly learned how to pop open the cap on the paint bottle.

And then he tried to eat a snack.

Then it was over to pet the dog.

And then some more bottle popping.

And then he painted the dogs leg.

And then he painted his leg.

And that was about all of the fun he could have before his nap time interrupted.
Those darn naps.

But first, its time for a bath.

Here is Picasso's first piece of artwork. 

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