Friday, June 11, 2010

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons 2010.
These lessons have been on my mind since the beginning of last summer.
When does he get to start?
Where do we enroll?
Why are all of the classes full?
How do they teach a baby to backstroke?
Ok, so maybe I was a little anxious.

The crew.
We were all pretty excited, and arrived 15 minutes early.  This allowed us the chance to really soak up some athletes foot.
Miss Livi was having a blast with her mothers camera before eventually dropping it to the floor.  She was having fun, what could I do??
Here are my boys listening to the instructor.  It was at this point, when I was asked to leave the pool area, something about being a distraction, that my evil plan turned sour.
I had it all figured out.
There was no need for me to enter into the pool with my swimsuit on if my husband was there to swim with Ethan.
I thought I was being sneaky, now I am just sneaking a peek through the window.
The lessons were great and the kids looked like they were having such a great time.
I might just have to suit up and play at our next lesson.  I don't want to be the lonely one watching from the sidelines again. 

  To my surprise it was more of learning to play in the water instead of what I understood to be learning how to roll to their backs and float and to dunk them while teaching them to hold their breath.
I am not sure if that is even something they can learn at this stage, or where I came up with this lesson plan, but if you know of anywhere to learn those skills, or anyone who teaches them, please leave me a comment. 
I would greatly appreciate it!!!

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