Monday, June 7, 2010

The Trycycle

We recently went to our cousins birthday party, and I say we because I don't necessarily know how Ethan and my cousin are related.  Are they second cousins, cousins once removed?? So you see why it is easier to say our.
Ethan had a blast!!

He spotted this tricycle and all was over.
He wanted to be pushed around the drive way over and over.
He would lift his leg to try and get on and then he would look at you like lets go.
I took him on the slide a couple of times and he enjoyed it.
But not near as much as the trike.
My grandmother was loving the slide though!
This wasn't her first time down either!!
Oh look, here comes a little friend.
Here buddy, let me give you a push.
So pretty much I am on the lookout for a tricycle.
A boy and his toys.

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