Friday, October 30, 2009

better late than never...

The morning started off great, my recycling bins were picked up, which sometimes they just drive on by, leaving me my wonderful hubby, to haul the trash back in and store it yet again. I noticed that the guy had to cram my recyclables on top of all the others (look to the back section of the truck, don't be fooled by the empty front part.  I like to think that they just emptied that part out) which was great because that means people are recycling!!   
Good Job!!

Later, We loaded up and headed out to the farm to get some flowers.  On the way, I saw this and started to laugh.  I turned the car around so I could snap some pics.  I have to admit I like the creativity the kids are coming up with now.  Anyone can smash a pumpkin in the street but this takes some talent!

We got home with some flats of pansies.  Pansies are great for this time of year, especially in Oklahoma.  They can withstand the cold and keep blooms on all winter.  These are actually Panolas (I think our grower made this up) - a cross between pansies and violas, more blooms like the pansies but longer, stringier stems from the viola.  I just grabbed what we had the most of, I like them though.

I bundled up my little man with the most random outfit to date, anything to keep him warm, and parked him and some toys out on a quilt in the yard. 

Here he is eating a lego, but soon after a leaf just happened  to blow his way and he decided to chew on that instead.  I looked down to my hands that were covered with gloves which were covered with dirt and made the decision that the leaf was the better choice.

These were my beautiful begonias that I am replacing.  I love these flowers but they are only here for the summer. They are considered annuals, meaning they last for the season and don't come back :( but sometimes thats not true.  Some people leave theirs planted through the winter and they come back the next season even bigger!  I thought why not try it, so instead of pulling them out, I cut them off at the ground to allow them the chance to surprise me.

After cutting my begonias, I raked and pulled weeds.  My grounds crew didn't make it out today or last week or ever.

Planted my beautiful "Panolas"


When you're done planting, don't throw away your flats.  You can recycle them or even better, take them to your local nursery.  We reuse these all of the time!

Now its off to eat dinner and relax for the evening!  Have a wonderful weekend!!

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