Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ryan came home to us early Saturday and got to join in on the Halloween festivities!  First we headed down to Norman where it was Homecoming!  I met up with all of the old and current pom girls and we practiced a boomer, took some pics and caught up with each other.
Ethan got a couple of kisses, lucky man!  Some crazy OU fans would have paid a pretty penny for this!

The big group of us!

Oh Kelli, how I love thee!  She made my life wonderful this year being a rush advisor with me!

The Westmoore crew, and the largest one I might add!

After, I met Ryan at the Clements tailgate, ate some good food, then I went in for pre-game.  It was fun getting to be on the field again.   Time is flying by!  It has already been four years, crazy!

Still wearing the kisses when I showed up.  I tried to blend them in but those of you who have ever worn red lipstick know it ain't going anywhere!

Party Pic anyone??

Then it was off to Grandma's to pass out Halloween candy.  I know this is the reason that Ryan came home early, he loves seeing the little kids dressed up! Don't tell him I said that.
There was a cute little boy that came to the door dressed as a Jedi, (Ryan informed me) and I asked him if he was on the good or bad side (after Ryan told me "Honey, its the light and the dark side." - whoops) and he answered:
"Um, I don't know yet.  I'm still in training."
This made us laugh so hard, where do they come up with this stuff??

Ethan had a wonderful 1st Halloween and he I enjoyed all of the candy!
Hope everyone did too!!

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