Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Ethan is now 6 months old!  Time is moving too quickly but I love the stage he is in right now!  He is becoming so interested in the world around him, reaching and grabbing things, looking and thinking about his toys and just growing up!  Here are a few of Ethans favorite things!

funny thing about this hat, this was the hat you got from the hospital!  They heard we had a huge baby and the volunteers knitted up the toddler size! :)
Also, this is something new your dad lets you do, he lets you roam free with no diaper!  He thinks you need some fresh air and our carpet needs some abuse.

You now weigh 21 pounds, you're really big long, but surprisingly not too chunky.

You love being dj and playing songs for us in your exersaucer.  It only plays on the high-volume so we never forget the songs!

The johnny-jumper is your absolute favorite thing! You jump for about 30 minutes when I am cooking dinner.  Sometimes when you get tired you bend over and suck on the tray.  You look as though you're asleep but then we hear this sucking noise.

You take about three naps a day and sometimes they are a little too short.


You love any type of water, be it the bath or the pool.

You are getting so good at eating your cereal mixed with veggies or fruit at night.  You have had fresh bananas, apples, carrots, green beans, squash, nectarines, peaches, zucchini, avocados, sweet potatoes, red plums and messy blueberries and sometimes a little toe for dessert!

You still nurse about every three hours.

You just tried drinking from a glass, which is new!  Here comes the sippy cup!!!!

You sleep well through the night, waking up either once or twice to eat.

When dad is out of town you get to sleep over in our bed which I love!

You have a couple of nick-names. Conrad Jacobs - from your dad and they will only get worse :), little lover, Ethonian and Fuzz top - from Grandpa.

You are the most wonderful blessing we could have ever asked for!  We love you more than you will ever know and it has only just begun! You bring a smile to our face with your sweet little smile and laugh!  We can't wait to watch your little life unfold before our eyes!  Happy 1/2 Birthday little lover!  Love you!

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