Saturday, October 17, 2009

tasting the waters...

Ethan has tried a couple of new things this week...

Reaching for my moms glass and of course taking it to his mouth, along with anything else he grabs...

and taking sips!  He really was gulping.  I bought him a sippy cup to use, but we go to the dr. on Tuesday and I am going to wait till she gives us the go ahead.  Pretty exciting though!

We went and visited his Great-Grandmother and took a tour of her new home in Edmond.  She recently moved here from Colorado Springs and were glad to have her here!

Here is my little man tickling pounding on the ivory's!

Playing a little Heart-and-Soul.  (I meant to have the original piano heart-and-soul video, but the Huey Lewis version came up and sounded even better, automatically put me in a good mood!)

Ethan with his Great-Grandma Schrag

Ok, I had to snap a pic of my Grandmother's perfume.  She always lived out of town, so anytime growing up I smelled this, it always made me think of her.  It's her signature smell!!

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