Sunday, October 18, 2009

still sewing...

Here are some more Halloween onesies for our little pumpkin!

I downloaded a spooky font and printed out my letters.  Cut them out and put some backing on them.  These are super easy to make!! This one is Boo-rific!

I got this idea when my mom and I went to Canton and they had really cute baby boutiques.  There was a onesie like this and it was super cute minus the fact that it cost around $20.  The bad thing for the retailers at these craft places is that when my mom and I like something we think to ourselves "hmm, could we make that?" and usually we leave and come up with our own rendition as exampled above.  These are just too easy and cost about $3 to make, especially since he can only wear it for another 2 weeks!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so there is no stopping the theme.  Here are two onesies and a diaper rag in the middle.

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