Saturday, October 17, 2009

sewing crazy

My home is a complete wreck!  I told you that I ordered fabric to make some of Ethans diapers and it has taken over my home!  The living room is full of fabric, pins in the carpet, scraps on the table, paper bag patterns, you get the picture.  Literally...

Sew, I am finished with my large project and have to say that the inserts turned out great!  I used bamboo fabric which is super soft and super absorbable!  It took forever to dry!! So thats a good sign.

Pinning the fabric together

I have a love/hate relationship with the serger.  It is great because it cuts your material while you sew, but if you mess up, which I was pretty good at, you end up having to rethread the entire machine.  Do you see the 4, not 1, but 4 spools of thread?  Thats 4 needles!  I wasn't able to use it very much because my fabric was too thick and it had a hard time cutting it.  So back to the original sewing machine.  Thank you again Mom for letting me borrow the machines!!  I got them all cleaned up and oiled!

Now we have diapers for days!!

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