Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Extra Hour=Extra Work

With the clocks rolling back and giving us an extra hour on Sunday, we found plenty of ways to fill our time!  The weather was beautiful, so we took our chores to the outdoors.  First we started by heading out to the farm and loading up the big machine to do some heavy duty yard work.
Hubby put the trailer on.
Mmm, look at those arms!
Oh, Sorry! Back to business. Putting the trailer on...

Loading up the Gehl.  I was asked to just move out of the way, my hand signals were a little to confusing.

We headed to his parents to load this diesel tank onto

this diesel tank holder.

going up...


and away!

making some minor adjustments.  A little shove here...

a little twist there and all done.

Now load back up and head home.  There is plenty of work to be done here!  Finally getting rid of the dead tree in our front yard.  I probably shouldn't post this, it could be bad for business. ;) Do you see the dork in the machine?

Old Yeller' made an appearance today, we had all of the trucks loaded with trailers and we couldn't leave him out!

Never too young to put Ethan to work.   I was cleaning out the garage and Ethan had all the fun he could take watching me, so I called dad up, strapped the baby bjorn on him and put them both to work.

matching in their Florida State hats, don't want them to burn.

and little lover had all he could take.  He found out quickly how to get out of doing chores around here, just nod off.

After a long days work I was ready to sleep until dawn.  Ethan thought differently.  He decided to wake us up from 2:30-4:30.  I guess we both should have taken a mid-afternoon nap along with him.

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