Saturday, November 28, 2009


Ethan had such a wonderful day celebrating his first Thanksgiving.  We had family in town and made our rounds while making my belly round with all of the great food.  It was so easy to blame my pooch from the day full of eating last year on being pregnant, but I have no excuse this year!  Enjoyed it either way though!
We started off the day eating lunch with Ryans family and it was yummy!  Then headed north to visit with some more of Ryans fam then off to my aunt and uncles to celebrate and eat dinner.
Hanging out with sweet little Aynslee.

She is so precious, she loves little babies!

I love this pic of Ethan with his Great-Grandpa Foster.

The four Foster boys.  I want to say that Ethan is keeping the Foster name going, but I could definitely be wrong.

Having a light read before his little, and I mean little, nap.  He hardly slept a wink today, there was too much fun happening.

the bed was barricaded with pillows

having his dinner while there was an intense game of Scrabble going on.

All of the girls.

Grandma with her two newest additions, Cousin Maggie and Ethan. They are going to have fun in a couple of years at these dinners!  Putting random food in each others drinks, daring each other to jump in the freezing pool.  At least thats what my cousins and I did.  It was really more of us telling the youngest one that there was a fifty-dollar bill in the Easter egg at the bottom of the pool, when really we all know there wasn't.  But when it came to your drink thats where no one was left out.  If you left the table for a second serving or to get a napkin, or anything that left your drink just sitting there, you came back to find your glass full of all the Thanksgiving dinner that would fit.  Still to this day we are all grown, for the most part, and you still don't leave the table without making them swear to not mess with your perfectly sweetened iced tea.  Turkeys, all of them!

Speaking of all the turkeys, here we all are with Grandma.

Usually before the prayer my Uncle Tim asks us to go around and say what we are all thankful for.  This year there were many members of the family present, so my Aunt saved our growling stomachs and the food from turning cold by sparing us this year.  But it got me to thinking.
I am so thankful for the family that I have, be it immediate, extended, in-laws, out-laws, just kidding, but for all of them!!

Obviously included in that family is my wonderful Husband! I am thankful that he is in my life daily.  He makes me laugh and he does so much for our little family!  Thank you honey!

My sweet little boy!  I can't believe that I am a momma!  He also makes me smile many times daily and he warms my heart when I just look at him.  Sleeping, playing, laughing, crying, anything!  There is a different kind of love for your child and it's unexplainable, but I am so happy that I get to experience it.  I am thankful everyday for him!

My parents for being them!  I appreciate everything that they have ever done for me.  Thank you both!

My in-laws for being easy going in-laws.  I appreciate that you have taken me into your family and am thankful for everything that you all have done for us.

I have the best friends that a girl could ask for!  We now have a brood of kids among us and it is so fun to be able to go through this together!

I am thankful for a many things and fell so blessed!
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and filled their tummy's with some yummy's!! Now go enjoy your left-overs!

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