Saturday, November 28, 2009

Presents and Presence!

Ethan got a visit by his Great-Grandpa & Paula who came in town for Thanksgiving.

Since they were in from Arizona, they brought along Christmas presents for us to open.  Ethan got to experience his first unwrapping gift session and it was a hit.  He would grab a section of paper and rip it off while we waited for him to go for the next piece, but he had something else on his mind; eating it.  I should have known.  He is now entering into a stage that when he has something in his hands and you take it away, he gets very upset.  Even when you are trying to get back your half-eaten grocery list that has menu items for him on there, he doesn't appreciate it.  Neither do the people on the same aisle getting to share in the loud rant.  But he did pretty well that night.  We kept him pre-occupied with more unwrapping.  This is one part of parenthood that is so fun, watching kids smiles on their faces when they get to open a gift.  Ethan isn't quite there, he still doesn't know the fun to be had by getting presents, but that will soon come.  Either way, it was fun watching him open gifts for the first time.

Paper or plastic?

Hmm, what's in here?

They got him a puzzle with pieces that come out and set up to be a Christmas Nativity scene.  I love this gift, I had one like this growing up and its so fun to try to put back together.  We were so happy to have them in town and glad we got to spend some time with them!!  Thank you again!!
After all of the fun, it was time to head home and feed and bathe our little angel.

Getting a little drink before bed.

About to get a little lotion massage, I wish this was my nightly routine!!

Snapping on his diaper.

Putting on his pajamas.

Then off to dreaming!!
Hope everyone has a great night!

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