Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hmm, what's in here?

We have moved on from the exersaucer to the walker thinking that it was a good idea. It was, thats until Ethan started realizing that he could "walk." He knows to get those little feet in motion to get to the drawers that open a new world of fun for him to discover.

I thought baby-proofing the house would be to move the stuff in his arms reach while he is in the crawling stage. I didn't realize that walking in his walker would be a whole different story. He knows exactly what the handles on the drawers are for. He also is the only one around here that appreciates that I keep many junk drawers. He pulls out computer cords, books, birthday cards, ribbon, thread spools, whatever he thinks looks interesting.

Here he is waiting for a flood...

Ah-hah! Opening the drawer...

Finding a package of bobbins...

trying to eat the package of bobbins...

and cruising to the other side of the room, out of moms reach, to enjoy his new loot.

Taking him into the laundry room with me while he is in the walker was something I thought was a good idea. "He can walk around while I fold his clothes."
Yeah right.
I found myself closing drawers again, moving the vacuum that he constantly pulled on until it fell over, putting the iron away because he kept pulling on the cord, which would have resulted in a big crash, boom, bang possibly on his head or broken on the floor.
It was stressful but so much fun to watch him connect with the world at his arms level.

Now excuse me while I go and wire my cabinet doors and drawers closed.

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