Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kiddo's Christmas

Thank you to Natalie who started a tradition for our little kiddos!  The Cox family hosted a Christmas party for the kids complete with a book exchange, crafts for the kids and goodie bags!  It was so fun to get all of the kids together!!

Enjoying some Christmas card making, gluing and pasting.  
Cute little focused Bo.

Momma Ave helping out sweet Rylee.

Pretty candy canes.

Yummy cookies.

Even yummier cups.

Wade looking too cute.

Precious little Lawson.

And the two cutest hostess...
Livia, who didn't let a little teething get in the way of having fun.

and look at Miss Motor-Boating Londyn!

Ethan met a new friend, Campbell.  She is sooo cute.  Ethan is lucky I don't dress him up in these cute Christmas clothes!

Offering the lady a sip.

How fun, all of the kiddos gathered around for their book exchange!

Ryan seemed to be excited for the both of them!

Playing with the finger puppets from the goodie bags.

The party was so fun and I can't wait until Ethan can decorate some ornaments and cards with me!  I somehow didn't get a pic of all us girls mom's kicking the kids from their table and taking over, coloring and glittering on our own.  Too funny.

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  1. I am sooo glad you guys were at the Kid's Christmas Party! The kids had a blast and each year I hope to make it better and better and more fun for everyone! We love the Foster's!!!