Saturday, December 26, 2009


My baby is up on his own!

Eyeing his target...
(mind the unsnapped onesie throughout the pics.)


dad giving leverage by putting some weight on the other side...

almost there...

a little support...

ta-da!  He made it to the goods!

cute little baby legs!

Ok, now the fun part.
Grabbing for the stack of books I recently thought were "put up."

Oops, there goes one.

OK, going for the second in the pile.

look at that face as the second one comes tumbling down.

speaking of tumbling down...

I thought the hard part was over - the newborn, no sleep stage.  That was a cake walk compared to him crawling and now being able to pull himself up, and he isn't even to the walking stage yet!  AHHHHH!!  It is too much fun though, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Click here to see a video of him pulling up all on his own.

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