Friday, December 25, 2009

and the stocking's were hung by the chimney with care...

Knowing that I had a little one on the way last Christmas should have made me realize that we would need another stocking hanging from the mantle.  I should have also realized the amount of free time that I had and how easy it would have been to whip one up.
That is what I should have realized, but I didn't.
 Blame it on the pregnancy brain.
It's real you know.

 This Christmas, I found myself sewing up a stocking in my "free" time.  My free time now consists of not-to-long naps or when my little one has nodded off at bedtime.
This "free" time is also filled up with other things that need to be done.
Laundry, cooking, cleaning, the Real Housewives.
You know, the important stuff.
This is what happened when he went to bed.
 I couldn't work on this during nap time, worried he would wake up and spot the gold mine of string, scrap and sequins.

It really didn't take too long to finish, just some late nights and blurry eyes trying to thread a needle.

Now his stocking has a place to call home.

Right between ours.  Perfect!

Merry Christmas!

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