Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa, meet Ethan.

Ethan got to meet Santa and he did so good!  I was wondering if we would get to be on Ellen with our holiday pic of our son screaming while on Santa's lap, not this year. 

This Santa was the real deal.  He had the real beard, hair, and maybe even the build, though I couldn't be for sure.  He and his wife are hired as Mr. & Mrs. Claus all year round.  They have business cards and a plastic Santa and his Reindeer on top of their car sleigh. Who knew we would get to meet the real Kris Kringle.

Even funnier was that I ran into my Grandmother.  Now you have to know that she and I haven't lived in the same city except for a year when I was a lot younger.  So you can imagine running into her was a great surprise!!

While Ethan was whispering to Santa his Christmas list, he decided to show him what he does best, and that is grab anything on you he can.  Earrings, necklaces, hair, or your beard.  At first Santa was OK with it.

"Son, let go of my hair please, PLEASE!!!"

"OK, that's it.  No red wagon for you!"

Oh Santa knows how to get that beard back, distract him with something colorful.

Before we left, I slipped St. Nick my Christmas list along with a $50 dollar bill.
I'm kidding.
Or am I??

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