Friday, January 29, 2010

Another String Theory

The leg-warmers are done, never mind the amount of time that it took to finish them.
They need a new name.  Leg-warmers is so circa 1980.
When I finished these, I cut the string and set aside the ball of yarn.
We left the house, empty of people, but full of one little curious cat.

You always hear of cats playing with a ball of yarn, but when do you ever have a ball of yarn just lying around??

He must have thought the place needed a little sprucing up.
The colors go perfectly don't you think?
If you are looking for a new, innovative decorator just give him a call.
Or if you have nothing but time on your hands to re-roll a ball of string.
Either way, he would like to hear from you.


  1. That cat has got style :) Love the leg warmers! Did you get my email? Just curious...and hoping it didn't go to your spam.

  2. Just got your latest comment on my blog...and darn it, I haven't gotten any emails from you :( I even checked my spam. Did a search for "Foster" and all it brought up in my inbox and spam was the comments you've left. Try to send it to my biz email: