Friday, January 29, 2010

Wound Up

Remember how excited we were to introduce Ethan to this walker?
No one warned us that once we took him off the carpet to a smooth surface things would start to happen.
Things that you never expected.
Things you swore you wouldn't let your kid do.
Like make a mess, get into stuff that he wasn't supposed to be in.  
You know,
 "My kid won't do that, he will sit and play with his toys in one area."
"There's no way a baby could get into that much stuff."
or when you were warned...
"Just wait until they are mobile!", you scoffed at that one too. 
"No, not my baby.  He will be a complete angel!"

Well folks, you were right.
The room is in a disarray of ribbons, drawers, string, folders, etc.
I'm just wondering how he is going to clean all of this up?

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