Friday, March 5, 2010

Ok, so our garden has been prepared and now we need to get on to the planning.
Here is a small selection of what we will be growing this year.  I say small, because some of our other vegetables are already in plant form.  
We need to have a good labeling system in place so that we know what goodies are growing underground.  I just wrote the name, variety and how many days it takes to mature.  Some of the maturity dates seem so long and waiting is no fun.  But I guess thats part of the game.  I am surprised that we are growing two different varieties of radishes.  I don't know if I have ever cooked or prepared a meal with a radish, let alone have to pick between two.  Sure, I have eaten them before but just never bought them.  So if you have any recipes scattered with radishes, shout them out to me.  I will be needing them!
Have a wonderful day!!

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