Monday, March 8, 2010

Planting Time

It's planting time!!

Lets start off by saying this:
I'm no Master Gardener, which I am sure most of you all know.
There should be no quoting me on any of this garden jargon, it might make a fool of you.
I am only here to observe and report.
Frankly, my husband would be well enough off if I didn't report.
He tells me what he is doing, or actually I ask him what he is doing, and then I process it for what it is worth.  
Some of this information might get lost in translation.
Some of it I might make up.
No, not really.
But I do know for sure that I love the idea of the garden.
I am so anxious to watch everything grow and become a reality.

Now that that's out of the way...
After preparing the land, it is time to get our food in the ground.
In order to keep the garden organized, my husband started out by hammering a temporary stake into the ground with a long strand of twine tied around it.  Then he went straight to the other side of the garden and hammered the other stake into the ground, giving us a perfectly straight, even line to plant.  In front of each row, he put the marker into the ground to label the plants.
The organizational side of me loved this!

Planting potatoes.
We might have planted our taters a little too early.  You are supposed to wait until the weather warms up and won't freeze the ground.  And seeing that we have a freeze coming on the 7-day, Houston, we might just have a problem. 
I'm optimistic though.

Ryan cut each potato into smaller chunks, yielding more potatoes.  He made sure each piece had an eye.  With potatoes, you can trim the eyes off, set them out overnight to dry out before you plant them and that is supposed to help them not rot.  Did we do this?
I would be lying if I said yes, but again I'm optimistic.
My husband and I have the same problem.  We get so excited to do things that we sort of skip some steps.  It's that "instant gratification" thing.
Now that the potatoes are cut, he tosses them out where he will plant them.
He digs a small spot, tosses the tater in, covers it up and...

Voila! a nice row of planted potatoes. 
White Marcy potatoes that is.
What?? They will be ready in 110 days?? 
That takes us into the middle of June!
These potatoes haven't learned the meaning behind "instant gratification!"
Ryan was so thankful that I made signs for the garden.  
He would be lost out there without me.

Now onto the onion sets.  Remember from the earlier onion post these little pearly onions will give us the tall, green, crisp chive onions and also the real onions.
By real onions you know that I mean the big, cooking onions.  
I suppose the green chivey onions are too real onions.
Sorry for the confusion.
I know this onion thing can get real tricky.
Maybe I should just be quiet.

Just waiting to be placed in their new home.
Good job Honey!  You're doing me proud!
Now here is a row of the Texas Super Sweet onions.  These look like they would be good for chives, but they aren't.  These will produce the big Vidalia looking onions.
Now these are what I'm talking about!  
We are going to have onions for days and the good part about them is that you can store them for a long, long time.  
Some people store them in panty hose and keep them up until winter. 
We will be boosting the market share of Leggs sheer panty hose.  
You better run out and get you a pair, when is the last time you purchased some?

Onto the seeds.  
I think this was some sort of Spinach or Lettuce.

Sorry my hand is a little dirty.  
I was working hard.

"She's got Man Hands!"
name that show.

The same goes with the little seeds.  
You can plant one or up to a couple of seeds per hole.  
It's your preference.

And I'm spent.
Thats all for now.  It is still to cold to plant some of the other veggies and fruits.  

I need to go wash up.

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