Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A work in progress

Ethans nursery (do you still call it a nursery after your child is a year old?) (excuse me while I still refer to it as a nursery, it's too hard to face the realization that he is now a *gulp* toddler.) 
I'll start again.
Ethans nursery has been a work in progress.  It all started when his crib arrived 6 months late, leaving me to procrastinate on the finishing touches.  
But recently I have been adding some things to his room.
Like this tree, I though that with the tree farm and all, it was only fitting.
One day, I thought on a whim
"I could paint a tree on this wall."
With no artistic experience, I don't know what inclined me to go about this, but thats how my brain works.
Sometimes it pans out, other times it doesn't.
Like when I, myself tried to fix my iPhone.  I thought youtube was a worth while reference and lets just sum this up with me having to get a brand new phone.
So for the tree I bought some metallic brown paint and started painting on the trunk.  I worked my way up, until it resembled a vision in my head.
For the leaves, that was the tricky part.  I knew that I wanted some 'depth' if you will.  I also knew that I would be mad at myself trying to paint all of the leaves to look exactly alike.  And there was also the green wall.  What green should I pick out to paint the leaves??
So I scratched all of that and decided to make leave cut-outs out of scrapbook paper.  I then sprayed adhesive and pressed them to the walls.  Easy Cheesy!
I used 5 different color patterns, but they all were in the same family.
I bought the Amy Butler Scrapbook Pages book and have found myself using them on many occasions.
I then worked on his hanging lanterns.  I originally had 5 hanging straight from the ceiling.  That was until I saw an idea from Ashley Ann's blog and took the lanterns one step further.  I made a rectangle out of dowel rods, attached it to the ceiling and then hung the lanterns from them.  It was pretty simple!  Hers is super cute because she has a girl and gets to use the flower lanterns also which give it more oomph!  But I didn't want to get it too girly, I think his leg warmers are already taking it a bit too far! 
I still need to finish some things, but I usually work on something when an idea strikes me.  So until next time...


  1. That tree is awesome. Good job!

  2. I LOVE that tree, it looks even better in person!!! I am really lucky you are my friend... some of my reasons might be selfish.... I LOVE you, seriously though. =)