Monday, May 3, 2010

The Great Dane Story

Ok, I know that most of you have probably heard this story before, but I need to relive it again.
The Great Dane Story.

I have wanted a Great Dane for sometime now and before we planned to start a family I was really obsessed, and constantly whining to my husband about wanting to get one.  I went to some pretty lengthy extremes trying to play on his animal-sensitive side.  He frequently received emails from n me containing pictures, notes around the home about Great Dane Rescue clubs and so on.  I was persistent and blatant.
Well Valentines Day of '08 was on the rise and I just knew that my husband, who has been known to give some great gifts, would come through on the new addition to our puppy family.  I just knew it.
Well I came home from work early and went to the computer to check my email.  After the screen saver closed, there it was.  It was a webpage of Great Danes!!  He accidentally* left the site open to "Local Great Danes in the OKC area."  I was ecstatic!  I knew that all of my whining and crying had paid off, I was going to get a large, black and white spotted, Harlequin to be exact, non-trimmed eared, Great Dane.
I told everyone.  I told my co-workers who just laughed.  I told my friends.  If I would of been blogging back then I'm sure you would have read about it.
I, of course, didn't tell my husband that I saw this, I didn't want him to know that I knew.  He is one for surprises so I let him have this.
Well that same Valentines, we had agreed to get each other cards and keep it low key.  So when the 14th rolled around, we did just that and exchanged cards.  I knew that the dog was on its way, he might have bought a cute, little puppy and it wasn't ready to be weaned, or one was in his truck or somewhere that he kept it just waiting to surprise me.
Then nothing happened.
The whole day.
Then I really played up that part, you know the "typical girl" part where I was pouty and sulking on the couch.  When he asked me what was wrong I gave him the pathetic "Nothing" with many hidden undertones and sad eyes.  He still wasn't catching on so I just let him in on my little 'known' secret.
He then said the best news I could have heard.
"Honey, he is in the back bedroom, go look."
I jumped off that couch like it was on fire.  I quickly opened the door to the guest room and was instantly thrown off when nothing of life was in the room.
He must have been confused, maybe he meant to say the garage.
So he sent me on a wild goose chase around our home to try and find our newest addition.
And then he just laughed.
Laughed until the cows came home.
There was no dog, nor was there ever any dog.
When I asked him about the website he was sort of confused.  You could tell he genuinely didn't know about it, until he jogged his memory.
"Oh yeah.  Kris (his friend) and I came home for lunch and he was looking at something on the computer and then he asked what a Great Dane looked like, so he looked it up.  He must have left it on there, but I promise it wasn't me."
So through out all of this, I came out looking like a fool and having to tell all of my friends and co-workers that there was never a plan on his part to surprise me with a sweet, lovable and wonderful Great Dane.  He had never intended to get one and sure as heck wasn't looking them up on his own.  He had already seen plenty with all of my propaganda I threw his way.
So sad.
I still haven't truly gotten over it.  But the wounds are on the mend.

So now the present day story can be told.  It only made sense to tell you the back story to let you know my love for Great Danes.  Sorry if you have left me, I know it was long. My therapist is tired of this story too.
The other day, I saw two dogs running up and down the main street and one of them happened to be, wouldn't you know, a Great Dane.
Ethan and I quickly ran out of the house to go and rescue these dogs, which I knew in the back of my head were someone's pets.  After a little struggle and the help of a little old lady, I got them in our yard.  I hesitated to call the number on the tag, but came around.  I was secretly hoping they let them out on purpose or that the number was no longer a working one.  Then he would be mine forever.  for-ev-er!
I know what you are thinking...  would she have so heroically rescued a different type of breed, instead of this Great Dane who healed that emotional bruise on her heart??
and the answer is No.

I kid, I kid.

So with this majestic beast in my front lawn, and his little friend, there was nothing else to do but ...
take pictures.

I needed to keep him on my hard drive for whenever I needed a fix.
Oh and here is his pesky little friend.

He was super cute but unfortunately he was at the wrong Great Dane loving home.  He could have been a 10 carat diamond and got no more attention than he did.

But the story ends well for the dogs whose owner came and picked them up.  It was  a quick 20 minutes with my dream dog.
Except it would have ended better should I have had to keep the black beauty.
I'm still not bitter.

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