Friday, May 14, 2010

Cheerio Rugs

I have a new idea.
It is to make my carpet and floors out of a layer of Cheerios.
Not to eat of course. 
Only to allow the many Cheerios that fall to the ground a place to meet and catch up with their friends.
Or for when Ethan dumps out the bag full of the little O's and the crumbs, they will just blend in.
No one would ever have to know.
See, here is my first rug sample.    It didn't take long to whip up...
Nice, huh??
This one is filled with many different color variations, multigrain to be exact.
They could also come in other colors.
Honey nut, apple cinnamon, original or the newest trend, chocolate.

Drowning in a bowl floor of cereal and no telling what else,

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