Monday, July 19, 2010


When it comes to being at the lake, there are two things that you know for sure are going to happen;
1.  Sleeping on a pull-out bed, jacking up your back for the rest of the week because your husband refuses to sleep in a regular bed upstairs because he is hip to the idea that heat rises and he likes to stay cool while he sleeps.  I achingly get his point. 
2.  Fishing.

He likes to put out jug lines a couple of nights and catch catfish by the bridge, so he preps by getting a nice supply of fresh bait.
He stands on the dock or out on the front of the boat and grabs two different ends in each and and also places one end, dare I say it, in his mouth.  For this reason alone I don't participate.  
That is one difference between the two of us.  I get all prissy and finicky about stuff like that and he doesn't even think twice.

Before he casts, he twists back...
and releases the net, fanning it out over the water.
Then it takes on the form of a jelly fish, which might be another reason I stay away from it. That and I would only cast out once and then go inside because my arm hurt and it was hot.  
Once it hits the water, the weights all around the circumference pull the edges of the net down quickly in hopes of catching some fish.
He tightens it up when he starts reeling it back in.
Then he checks for his treasure, likely being small perch or shad.
This gets really fun when you through it out near a school of fish near the top of the water.  You will end up with a tank full of bait.
And what do we have here?
A little shad.
Ethan wanted to take a closer look.
What is this shiny, little....
Ew! Gross!! It is slimy and stinks!!
I was having a good time with my acorns and leaves, thank you very much.
      Don't worry Ethan.  You get this from your mommy.
Though I am not big on touching the fish either, they sure are fun to catch!

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  1. What lake? Kinda looks like Eufala, the boat dock by my parents place