Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Fourth

Well it seems as I am a week or so late from the Fourth of July, posting pictures of our fun trip, but we have been getting back in the swing of things around here.

We had such a good time at the lake for a full week!  Last year we did the same and it was pretty easy with Ethan only being two months old.  He wasn't necessarily mobile, unless you count a little "tummy time" for movement.  He was breast feeding, so we didn't need to pack much in the way of food for him.  A life jacket, a pack & play for his crib and some fresh diapers and we were on the road.  This year was a different story.  Food, toys, cloth diapers, toys, life jacket, toys, swim shoes, toys, sippy cups, toys, toys and more toys.  Oh and some books too.  That is on top of all of my necessities that I need at the lake.  Ryan loves when I have a lot to load into the truck.  He looks at it like a workout.

In no time at all he knew what the word "boat" and "life jacket" meant and he squealed with joy.  We eventually had to hide the jacket because he would bring it to you and stand there looking at you with those pretty blue eyes that said, "Please Momma, please take me on a boat ride." Unfortunately, we couldn't go on a ride every fifteen minutes and that resulted in him crying so we hid the distraction.  Though when you told him "Go get your life jacket" he toddled around searching for it all the while laughing and getting so excited.
He had a bottle of sunscreen in his hands at all times, just like his momma.  He has come to embrace the SPF.  My friends would be proud.  I can really get annoying especially when you need to re-coat.

The sky was absolutely beautiful from the storms of hurricane Alex
and it made for great sunsets.
This was a common sight on the boat rides.  Wind blowing through his greasy, sunscreen filled hair while he took an afternoon cat nap.
Is it to much to brag about your kid loving sunscreen?

This is him telling you he is ready to be held so he can go on a joy ride and doze off.  Making the cooler a pillow.
He gets this from his dad.

We took a trip to the dam, which is so neat in person.

Ok, maybe it's not so much the sunscreen as much as it is the fact that it's a bottle and he loves anything like it.
We did some fishing.
Some more snoozing.
Some walking up and down the dock just to have a chance to put on the life jacket.  
Thanks Grandpa.
and some more snoozing during the fireworks show.
It was wonderful to get out of town for a bit and watch Ethan have so much fun.  I can't wait until he is a little older and ready to get on a tube with his mom!

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