Friday, November 6, 2009


If there is any excuse to make sweets, they shall be made!
Red velvet cake is one of my absolute favorites and I now had a reason to use the "from scratch" recipe.  One of our guys from the nursery is leaving, so we threw him a party.  Well, not my style of "party."  More or less when you work with all guys it pretty much goes like this...

Them: "did you get the cake cut?"
me: "well no, he hasn't even come in yet."
Them: "well, we only have about 15 minutes till we need to get back to work.  Let's get moving."

So I spend my "partying" time at home in my apron with Ethan.
Here is the lovely red pink velvet cake.
The recipe called for 1oz of red food coloring, which I thought one little plastic red tube that comes in the set would be plenty.  It wasn't.  It wasn't even close.  Only 1/4 of what I needed.  So since my boys aren't into parties, I figured they wouldn't mind eating a light shade of red.

Whipping up the cream cheese icing.  Yummy!!
The cake was fun to make and tasted WONDERFUL, but I'm pretty sure Betty Crocker is in business for a reason, easy cheesy!!

The final product, I didn't get too fancy with the decorations.  It doesn't look like anything spectacular, but it sure tasted that way.

Ok, the guy who is leaving speaks Spanish.
I was looking for a going away card and found this!!

I couldn't help it, I was laughing all the way to the register!!
He got a kick out of it too!!
(I blurred out the words, but you get the picture.)

When life hands you plastic, make a blanket.
Or, when your husband lays your son down on the dirty floor, find whatever you can to put between him and the dust.  I figure I should get used to the dirt out here, its not going anywhere and he has my husband as a father.  If you know him, I think you see my point.

After the party it was time to go.
Poor kid. He is probably over-stimulated with all of this color going on with his outfit and all the toys, but he hasn't complained yet!

Adios for the night!!

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